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10 Reasons for Why Selling Your Scrap Car to King Auto is your Best Bet

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There is one industry that no-one thinks about in turns of growth. But it still grows anyway, every day. And it provides everyone with an important way of getting rid of junk cars. We are, of course, talking about car wreckers. Or scrap car removal companies, which they are sometimes get referred to. Because of them, if you are in ownership of a vehicle that no longer runs due to extreme damage, you now have a means for selling it.

As we all know, selling a car “as is” when it is totalled or in otherwise bad condition, you have to accept that getting even mild interest from prospective buyers will take a long time. Using the auto wreckers, you can sell a scrap vehicle in one day. If you live in Auckland, Northland or anywhere in the North Part of NZ, which car wreckers should you choose? The answer is simple. Choose us, King Auto, to buy your car for cash. Auckland’s Number one Used Car Buyers.

  1. Good Cash for Scrap Cars

If you were to go on a quest to discover which Auckland or North Island-based auto wreckers were the best, you would eventually be forced to admit that it is King Auto. We pay more than anyone else for damaged cars. We will take extra care to analyse every last part of your car to ensure that we know how much money we will be making out of it down to the last cent. Then we offer you a cut on the profits, which is how much we pay before taking it off your hands. Curious about how much is my car worth? You get a better quote now.

  1. The Removal of your Car is Free

We have a fleet of unwanted car removal vehicles and a professional team of experienced experts at their helm. After we pay you top cash for your car, we haul it off to our salvage yard. What’s more, you won’t be paying a cent for this service. Other auto wreckers will subtract the costs from any offer they give you, effectively hiding the cost of removal. We don’t do this. Instead, we take the cost onto our shoulders, where it belongs.

  1. The Best Customer Service

It doesn’t matter what your concerns or enquiries are, you can have them all sorted out. How? By dropping a line to our customer service team. They are extremely friendly and dedicated to helping anyone who needs it.

  1. The Hours of Service are Flexible

The team at King Auto are not constrained in their working time schedule. If your car cannot be picked up during normal working hours because you won’t be at home, it isn’t the end of the world. The King Auto team of auto removal specialists can be over there after those hours or during the weekend if need be. You will have no obstacles to you and that cash!

  1. King Auto Buy Any and Every Make and Model

There are a lot of vehicle dismantling companies that perform similar services to ours. However, the quality of their services doesn’t hold a candle to ours. There are many observable reasons for this fact. Some cash for car companies will only buy Toyota’s. Another will limit their buying habits to simply procuring Mazda’s. You may find a few who buy both Mazda’s and Toyota’s. Others will buy perhaps five of the most popular car brands. But here at King Auto, we buy them all.

  1. Your Car can be in Any Condition

Try and sell a vehicle that is in junk condition privately. Then you will understand how nearly impossible it is to do this. Of course, you can’t lie about the condition the car is in. It will be a long time before anyone stumbles across your add who will want to buy the car for its parts. The private market is not the correct place to sell a broken vehicle. You need to sell your car to wreckers who will recycle it. Here at King Auto, we buy unwanted cars that are in the worst possible condition, and we do so because we will be recycling them. So your car could be a totalled wreck or it may only have a blown engine. We will buy it either way.

  1. No one in town is as good

We pay the best cash payments. If you sell a car that is in good condition for us, but there is a major part that has broken, leaving it a write-off, we can buy it. And pay good cash for it. The maximum amount of money we spend on vehicles is $7’000. We don’t only buy cars, and will also buy a Ute, truck, SUV, 4wd or work Van. Larger vehicles can get up to $15’000 due to having more steel on them.

  1. It is easy to get hold of us

All you need to do in order to contact us is call us up on the phone or fill out the simple and convenient quote request form on our website. The toll-free number to call is 0800 113 112.

  1. We Provide Free Quotes

When you contact us, if you are looking to sell a vehicle, we will need to know some things. Then we can provide you with a free quote. What are those things? The age of your car. What model and make it is. What condition it is in. Things like that. You should have no trouble answering these questions.

  1. You are doing Environment a Solid

When we recycle cars, we are ensuring that all of that steel and other metals are all put back into rotation. Mining is a major source of pollution, along with green-house gasses. But when metals are recycled, that is a bunch of material that doesn’t need to be mined anymore. Yet another reason why you should sell your junk car to us here at King Auto. Follow this WIKI link to know more about vehicle recycling.

So, if you have a scrap vehicle lying about on your property, don’t waste another moment. We would love to hear from you!

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Car Wreckers Call KingAuto