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Have you got a vehicle that you cannot drive anymore due to it being in such bad condition? If you also live in Auckland or anywhere in North Island of New Zealand, then you have the option of actually selling it for top cash to Scrap Car Removal Auckland Company called King Auto! You may be wondering how this could be possible. After all, your car is trash, and no-one wants to buy a vehicle that needs repairs more costly than the vehicle is worth.

How King Auto Can Help You to Pick Up your Junk Car?

Well, we here at King Auto want to buy that vehicle off you. We will pay you the maximum amount of money that your car can be valued at. We buy cars, trucks, SUVs, 4×4’s, and Utes. So if you have a junk vehicle, or a used automobile, or an old clunker, we will happily buy it and help you to dispose of a vehicle in a proper way.

100% Cost Free Scrap Car Removal Service Auckland And NZ Wide

There are so many scrap car pickup companies out there. You can’t go outside without bumping into one. But none of them will provide you with the expert and professional service that we offer to the people of NZ. So many of them ask their customers to foot the bill for the removal process. Some of them ask for the vehicle to be transported to their salvage yard for the initial inspection before they have even bought it.

Cash for cars removal

Up to $7’000 Cash for Scrap Cars Removal On the Spot!

However, here at King Auto, we are committed to offering our customers the best car cash deals possible. We want you to get the top cash for cars from us that you can get. Making you pay for the removal of your automobile will only undercut this mission. That is why we always use our own equipment to remove cars and refuse to charge a single dollar for it. This means that you get all the money that your car is worth, which can be up to $7’000. For the light commercial trucks, work vans, Utes, or SUVs, we can go up to $15’000.

Why Select King Auto’s Unwanted Car Removal Service?

You may look at all the scrap car yards buy cars and feel overwhelmed by the number of choices that you have. But there really is only one choice, and it is King Auto. Why is this? There are a great many reasons. Reasons like the fact that we buy all the different types of automobiles. This includes such greats as the SUV, 4×4, Ute, truck, van, and car. What’s more, we don’t restrict our buying habits. There isn’t a single make or model that we would ever reject.

Whether your vehicle has broken down on the side of the road, or your car is in your garage, we can come over and pick it up. All the paperwork will be sorted out by us, and the removal of your automobile will be completely free of all charges. We cover the entire North Island region to offer our free pickup services and in Auckland, we cover all the regions like South Auckland, West Auckland, North Shore, and upon the Northland.

Across North Island, we cover from the top of the Northland, Auckland to Waikato, Rotorua, Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, Coromandel regions, Wellington, and the nearby regions.

Do you have any further queries? Do you want to know how much we will pay for your automobile? Finding out is a very easy and fuss-free process. You have the option of either getting in touch with us via our phone or via our website. There is a form on the front page that you can fill out.

How Does Scrapping your Car Works?

If you want to get the best possible deal for your old and unwanted car, you can’t go wrong with King Auto. If only for the fact that we insist on providing free removal. The whole process of selling to us is simple, easy, and requires no effort from you. It can be split up into three main steps. Here they are:

  • Get in touch with us and ask for instant car valuations online for your old vehicle. There are 3 simple steps to get a free car valuation in NZ.
  • We come over and look at the vehicle in person before offering you a final price.
  • You get paid instant cash on the spot before we take the car back to our scrap yard.

What Do We Need From You Before Buying Your Scrap Car?

We need to know some basic details about your automobile before we can give you a quote. Here are the details that we would need in order to calculate a good price:

  • What your vehicle’s make and model is;
  • The age of your vehicle, as well as the condition that it happens to currently be in;
  • Tell us whether the vehicle in question has its registration;
  • Is the car in the kind of condition where it is drivable? We need to know.

Cash for cars removal

We Don’t Reject any Brand, Makes, or Models

Here at King Auto, we love all the different makes and models out there. We also love to provide as many people with the means to sell their cars fast and easy. It isn’t good enough to just have a few people with one particular make or model be able to take advantage of our exceptional services. We want everyone to come to the party.

Here are just a few of the many makes that we are more than happy to shell out good cash for Volkswagen, Skoda, Hyundai, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Honda, Suzuki, Nissan, Toyota, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Renault, Daewoo, Peugeot, Jeep, Audi, and Ford.

Dump Your Abandoned Vehicle and Get a Quick Cash!

There is no need to fear whether or not we will happily take your car if it is at an extreme level of disrepair. While it will affect the amount of money that it is worth, it won’t make us reject it out of hand. We buy all junk cars for the purposes of wrecking them. The condition a car is in will not make it harder to recycle. Even if a vehicle has no parts worthy of salvaging, we can still salvage the steel and other materials as well. 

It is easy to contact us. You can either get in touch with us by giving us a call or by going to our website and filling out the quote request form. The number to call is 0800 113 112. Don’t forget to give us the make, model, age, and condition of your car. It helps us to give you the most accurate offer for your car.

Our Car Wreckers offer decent scrap car prices in NZ, so don’t leave that car on your property to rust away a moment longer. Sell your car to King Auto for top cash and get a great experience meeting with our Junk Car Removal Auckland crew. Also, we help you cancel the vehicle’s registration and other paperwork as part of the service.

Environment-Friendly Scrap Car Wrecking & Recycling

Our environment is important for us and future generations. Dumping unwanted vehicles in an improper way can harm the atmosphere. That’s why we remove wrecked, crashed, No longer running, broken or water, fire damaged vehicles for free of cost in NZ.

Book a Free Junk Car Collection today!

Get the same day auto removal service anywhere in North Island by calling free at 0800 113 112 or you can also fill a form on our website.

Cash for cars removal


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