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Are you wondering who to sell your wrecked, totaled, or otherwise useless Honda to at a moment’s notice? You’ve thought of selling it on the private market, but then you remembered how long it took you to sell a Honda that wasn’t a clunker. You need to sell this one fast. Well, today fortune has shined upon you, kind person. If you live anywhere in the North Island of NZ, that is. Because that is the location of Auckland’s number one cash for cars company, King Auto – Best Honda Wreckers Auckland.

Scrap Your Honda for Cash Up to $7K

Here at King Auto, we fervently believe that making customers wait for their money should be a crime. We would never participate in such activities. When we pay for a used car, we pay straight away, and on the spot. And we guarantee that we pay more cash for cars than any of our low-quality competitors. You may want to know how we come across the right cash figure to offer for any given automobile of the Honda variety. Here is a brief run-down of the factors we take into account:

What model your Honda is, how much mileage it has, the condition that it is in, and how old the Honda in question happens to be. All of these details will have an impact on how much your old Honda is worth. Especially the condition and age, as we will be looking to salvage parts, and how old the parts are and what condition they are in are very important details to consider.

Cash for cars removal

All Honda Models Wrecker 

Here at King Auto, we want every Honda owner in the North Island to have the means to be able to access the services of the North Island’s greatest Cash for Cars Company. Anything less would be a great disservice. If you have a Honda, don’t worry, we will take it no matter what kind of Honda it is. Here is just a brief run-down of all the Honda’s we will buy in a heart-beat:

  • Honda SMX
  • Accord
  • Civic Hybrid
  • Odyssey
  • Avancier
  • City
  • CR-V
  • Brio
  • Inspire
  • Ridgeline
  • Legend
  • Stream
  • Vamos
  • T360
  • Airwave
  • Crosstour
  • CR-Z
  • Orthia
  • Tourer
  • Concerto
  • Pilot
  • Rafaga
  • NSX
  • Prelude
  • Mobilio
  • Fit Shuttle.

Cash for cars removal

We Wreck, Remove Honda and Dismantle it for parts

Here at King Auto, we take people’s old Honda’s and we recycle them via the wrecking process. One of the many perks of selling your Honda to us is that we will remove it from your property for free. We will perform this service whatever your situation is.

Free Honda Removal or Pick up Service anywhere across North Island and same day pick up anywhere in Auckland, NZ.

Home of Used Honda Parts & Accessories

Need a Honda replacement car body part fast and cheap? Make an inquiry with King Auto and we can find it for you. Even if it’s not available in our inventory, we will try hard to find it through our Wrecking network groups operating across NZ. All we need is the spare part details and vehicle’s VIN number if possible.

As the largest Honda Parts Supplier. We sell high quality used and aftermarket parts. 

Scrap Your Honda Vehicle Now

To get a free quote you need just call us or fill out the form on our website. The number to dial is 0800 113 112. Tell us all about your Honda. We will use the information to provide you with the best offer you could hope for. No-one else would dream of making an offer that is as generous, accurate, and fair as we would. If you do get a better offer, we will match it!

Sell your Honda for top cash with Honda Wreckers Auckland @ King Auto.

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Cash for cars removal

Cash For Unwanted Honda Vehicles

How quickly can you remove my old Honda Vehicle?

We are likely to be able to offer a free Honda vehicle removal on the same day, or within 24-hours of your call.

Will you Pay cash for non working Honda vehicle?

Yes we will accept any Honda vehicle, in any condition, regardless of whether it will start or not. Even if your Honda has recently failed its WOF, we will still buy it.

What type of old Honda Vehicle Do You buy?

We buy cars, trucks, utes, vans and any other type of commercial vehicle. We will buy any Honda vehicle for cash, whether it is scrap or old. It doesn’t even matter if it starts or not.

What areas Cash For Honda Car NZ Covers?

We have a vehicle removal service throughout New Zealand. We are nationwide vehicle removal company.

How much do I pay to remove my unwanted Honda vehicles?

Cash For Car NZ is a free unwanted car removal service. We do not charge you for removing your unwanted vehicles.

How quickly will KingAuto remove my unwanted Honda Vehicles?

Our team members will be in touch with you within 24 hours once you submit your vehicle for removal. You will be contacted to arrange a date and time to have your vehicle removed. Usually, this can be done the same day!