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Car Wreckers Pukekohe

Here at King Auto Offer Top Cash For Scrap Car Removals in Pukekohe, It might not seem like it, but getting rid of an old and broken down car is an incredibly easy task. If you live in Pukekohe, South Auckland, we here at King Auto would love to help. Our Car Wreckers Pukekohe team operates the highest quality vehicle removal services. And best of all, you don’t pay us. We pay for you!

Whether your car is permanently broken down and you need to get it off your property, or you simply need to make a quick buck in order to pay some overdue bills, contact us. We will get you sorted.

If you have any queries, or you have already made your mind up and you just want to get a free quote from us, you can contact us easily. The number to call is 0800 113 112, or you can take advantage of the “instant quote form” on our website.

Cash For Car Removal Pukekohe

It may come as a surprise to you, but having a broken-down car removed from your property is very easy. However, it is a lot of cash for car companies to still find a way to charge their customers for the removal process. Even if it is by hiding the cost by paying less for the car in question.

Here at King Auto, our Auto Wreckers do things very differently. We don’t charge anything for the removal of automobiles that are scrap or otherwise unsafe to drive. Instead, we will perform the pickup service completely free of any cost to the customer. Book a free scrap car removal service today.

Sell a Scrap Car Fast and Get up to $15000

No one else in Pukekohe, South Auckland pays as much money for vehicles as we do here at King Auto. This is because our business is booming. We have the ability to pay top dollar. Our crew looks at the make, model, condition, and age of the car, and makes a cash offer based on these details. We can offer up to $7K for cars & up to $15K for trucks, Utes, and SUVs, based on what these variables happen to be.

Our used car buyers buy all makes and all models, including Mazda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Daewoo, Honda, Suzuki, Volkswagen, BMW, Subaru, Skoda, Hyundai, Audi, Daihatsu, Holden, SsangYong, Ford, Chrysler, Chevrolet, Fiat, Renault, and Jeep.

Light & Commercial Truck Wrecking Pukekohe

King Auto crew aren’t restricted in any way to buying only cars. We also buy other automobiles as well. This includes trucks, along with SUVs, Utes, vans, and 4×4’s. The vehicles we buy don’t have to be in any particular condition either. We routinely buy vehicles that have reached the end of their lives. Whether your automobile has been crashed, has been in a flood, or the engine has blown, we want to buy it off you. We buy the truck for wrecking & dismantling purposes only.

Pukekohe Aftermarket Auto Spare Parts

Are you browsing for cheap and the robust aftermarket, used or second-hand part for your vehicle of any brand [Japanese, European, German, Holden parts or Korean, American]? King Auto team can help you to find one you want in no time. We sell high-quality spare parts with a limited warranty.

Free Vehicle Pickup Service South Auckland

It doesn’t matter where in the Auckland area you live, we will come to your place and remove your automobile for free. Here are the different places in Auckland we get to on a regular basis:

Get in touch with us today! Ring us on our toll-free number or use our online electronic form and we will get back to you ASAP.

Cash for cars removal

Cash For Cars Pukekohe

Cash For Cars Pukekohe

We buy junk cars of all shapes and sizes. It doesn’t matter what the make or model of the car in question is, as we will buy it regardless. Contact us and get a generous cash offer.

Cash For Used Vehicle Pukekohe

It is no secret that selling a used car is a challenge. Especially if you need to sell it fast. It normally takes at least a week at the very least. We will buy it from you in one day. Call us and get more info.

Cash For Used cars

It is just as hard to sell second-hand cars as it is to sell used cars. That is because they are the same thing. But when selling to us, it is incredibly easy. You will have no hassles selling your old car to us at all.

Old Cars Buyers Pukekohe

For folks out there who have vehicles that are not at all roadworthy, we have our free removal service. Pay nothing to have an old car hauled off your property while getting paid for that car.

Scrap Car Removals Pukekohe

Do you have a junk car messing up your property? This is not the best situation to be in. Get rid of it easily and with no hassle by contacting us. We will buy it regardless of what make or model it is. And it will happen at such a fast pace, you will be left with a spinning head.

Top Cash for Trucks Pukekohe

We buy light commercial trucks, work vans, or Utes and pay up to $15’000 Cash on the spot. Feel free to ask for a quick same-hour valuation.

Broken Vehicle removal Pukekohe

Our Service of Used Vehicle removal includes Unwanted Car Removal, Scrap Car removal, Utes/Trucks/Van Removals, Damaged Car Removals, Car Disposal in Pukekohe, Wrecked Car Removal, and Salvage Car Removals in Pukekohe.

Broken Trucks Removals Pukekohe

We pay cash for Truck Removal in Pukekohe, North Island, New Zealand. We remove all vehicles including unwanted trucks, scrap utes, old 4wds, any condition any model.

Scrap Vans Removals Pukekohe

Cash for vans removal is another service in Pukekohe We pay top instant cash for vans, provide a free no-obligation quote for your old and unwanted vans, and offer free van removal in Pukekohe.


where to sell my Vehicle in Pukekohe?

We do offer the cash for your unwanted scrap car removal in Pukekohe NZ, Talk to us on 0800 113 112 now!!

are you a broken cars collection company in Pukekohe?

Yes, we are a scrap and broken car removal company in the Pukekohe region that offers free car removal all over North Land with top money for the vehicle.

can you scrap my Utes please?

Yes, we do just give us your contact number and the address in Pukekohe to remove your Ute.

Are you a Car dump yard based in Pukekohe?

Yes, we are a car dump yard and offer free car removal service in Pukekohe with cash for your scrap car.

Can i call you for my scrap TRUCK removal in Pukekohe?

Yes, we are interested, we also offer cash for your Scrap Truck removal services all over Pukekohe. Talk to us on 0800 113 112 now!!

Do you offer Cash for dead or alive cars removal in Pukekohe?

Yes, we do offer the best possible Cash for any vehicle removals service in Pukekohe Talk to us on 0800 113 112 now!!