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King Auto Offers Services in North Island, NZ Region with coverage of All the inner Suburbs Offering Auto Removal, Car Wreckers, Cash for Cars, Vehicle Recycling. Our Scrap Car Removal Locations cover the urban and rural regions of entire North Island.

Here at King Auto, we pride ourselves in our ability to pay more for used cars, trucks, SUV’s, 4×4’s, Utes and vans, than anyone else in town. No matter how badly damaged it is, or how old it is, we will buy it off you. If you have an old car on your property, and you want it to be gone, contact us today and confirm your Scrap Car Removal Locations! We will come over and pick it up off you for free.

Do you live in the north island, specifically the northern half? You are in a fortunate position, then. Because you can get access to the superior expertise and professionalism of NZ’s leading Car Removal Company. Here at King Auto, we are dedicated to the business of wrecking and recycling old cars. Our team is skilled, and passionate about our business. We have Scrap Car Removal Locations everywhere. Check them out:


Cash For Cars Service Location


where to sell my Vehicle ?

are you a broken cars collection company ?

can you scrap my Utes please?

Are you a Car dump yard?

Can i call you for my scrap TRUCK removal?

Do you offer Cash for dead or alive cars removal?