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Every day, cars are being disposed of in massive numbers in New Zealand. The sheer amount of vehicles that are being thrown out means that some of them are bound to be done so improperly. This is not good for the environment, for a few reasons, especially in the urban areas of Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Tauranga, Rotorua, Bay of Plenty or the rest of North Island, NZ. And that is why we need to make sure that when it comes time for our old automobile to meet its maker, it is done so in an Eco-friendly manner. Wondering, how to sell my car for recycling? Well, there is a solution where you can help nature doing proper recycling and you can make some smart money out of it as well.

If you live in the North Island, NZ, one such company that recycled vehicles for the environment is King Auto. Here at King Auto, we provide people with the right incentive to have their cars recycled by paying owners to top cash for their clunkers. And we do so fast. If you need to sell a vehicle quickly because you need to use the cash for something important the next day, contact us and get up to $30K for your old car. All you need to contact us via one of the following methods or Check out the process of how it works and services we offer in the following video:

Toll-Free Phone – 0800 113 112

Website – old car valuations online.

Email –


Why sell your car with King Auto?

 The best platform to sell your car for top cash

We can go up to $30K for Cars, Utes, SUVs or Trucks in really good condition and make sure that nobody can beat our price in New Zealand. We offer the best cash for car deals with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. However, if you think that we missed out on the price that can be better than our cash offer, please feel free to discuss it with us and we can work on those figures.

Any Condition is Worthy of Us Buying It

Selling a vehicle normally will involve the car requiring a clean-up. But if the car in question has reached junk status. No amount of cleaning it will make someone more likely to buy it. You just have to accept that it will be hard to sell. But not if you sell it to us here at King Auto. We will not look down our noses at a junk car and refuse to buy it. Instead, we will pay you good money for it. Whatever condition it is in, we will pay you how much that car is worth in parts and materials, as we are going to be wrecked it anyway!

Free Removal or Pickup for all Cars (Running or not)

Another annoying thing about scrap vehicles is the fact that they can’t be driven anywhere. They are, after all, junk cars. However, here at King Auto, we will go out of our way to get that car to our salvage yard. We will even use our own equipment. It will cost us money to do this but never fear. We will take those costs on the chin. You don’t have to pay a single dollar. You deserve to get the most money that you can for your junk car without hidden costs messing with that. Enjoy hassle-free Car Removal service today.

No Make or Model is Unworthy of Purchase

Here at King Auto, we are proud of our level of inclusiveness. This means that we welcome all the different makes and models onto our salvage yard for wrecking. Whether your car is a Mazda, Volkswagen, Chevrolet, Subaru, Audi, Daihatsu, Daewoo, Hyundai, BMW, Ford, Nissan, Toyota, Suzuki, Holden, Mercedes Benz, Isuzu, Volvo, Chrysler, Honda, KIA, SsangYong, Lexus, Mitsubishi, Peugeot, Skoda, or any other make, we will buy it.

Sell your car fast in any condition. We buy scrap, junk totaled, accidental, broken, fire or water damaged, unregistered, old, used or good condition cars. Interested in selling your car for parts? We can help you with that too.

Sick of dealing with paperwork hassles?

Don’t worry, we can help you with all the paperwork hassles as part of the service. All you need to let us know the current registration details of the vehicle so we can work on it respectively.

Easy to contact

Finding out how much your automobile is worth has never been easier. All you need to do if you live in the North Island is get in touch with us and tell us the make and model of your car, along with its age and condition.

Still worried about how to sell my car in New Zealand? Feel free to call us and get a free car valuation today. One of our crew members can have a one-to-one catch-up with you. And, explain to you more about our services and other details.


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