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Broken BMW Wreckers NZ

We offers Top Cash For Scrap BMW Cars removal, Choosing the right means for which you want to use in order to sell an old BMW can be a daunting task. You want to get the best cash possible while selling as fast as you can as well. Well, if you live in Auckland, North Island, you have the option available to be able to achieve both those goals, and with little to no effort as well! Welcome to King Auto, the NZ’s top auto wrecking company. Our BMW Wreckers Auckland team has been in the cash for cars, business for years, and as a result, we know how to get the best results.

How much is my BMW worth in NZ

King BMW Wreckers Recycle BMW’s for Spare Parts

Getting your BMW recycled by experienced experts is the best possible send-off you could hope for your BMW. You can rest assured that all the parts and materials aren’t going to simply rust away in some landfill somewhere. They will keep on living in other cars and steel made products. You will also rest easy knowing that the demand for freshly mined steel has been reduced just a little. And as we all know, mining creates pollution.

On the other hand, get the quality second hand BMW parts or accessories at affordable prices. We are keeping the good-sized BMW car body parts inventory and we are happy to deliver it to your door anywhere in NZ. Freight charges may vary depends on your location in NZ.

Up to $15’000 Cash for Your BMW

Get a free quote from us by calling us up at 0800 113 112 or by filling out the online form. We will take the model, age, and condition that your BMW is in and use this information to pay you up to $7000 for it! Then we will use our expert vehicle removal professionals to transport the vehicle in question off your property, and off to our salvage yard.

Don’t worry, the removal of your car is completely free. So be sure to get in touch with us for a free quote to get the ball rolling! You will be glad you did, not sorry. This is the best decision you will ever make.

Sell Your BMW in Any Condition – Any Model

Here at King Auto, we know that some cash for car companies have policies in place that deny a hefty chunk of the populace their services. It’s okay though because they aren’t King Auto. If they were, it would be terrible that so many people couldn’t use the best car removal company in the world in order to sell their BMW, just because they weren’t selling the correct model.

Fortunately, they aren’t King Auto. We are. And we accept all BMW, regardless of what model of BMW they are.

Quick & Obligation Free Quotes Available

Don’t leave that old BMW on your property rusting away for a moment longer. Call our BMW Wreckers Auckland team and you can get top dollar for your old clunker. Our Auckland Scrap yards are located @ 248 B, E Tamaki Rd, Otara, Auckland 2023.

Cash For Unwanted BMW Vehicles

How quickly can you remove my old BMW Vehicle?

we are likely to be able to offer a free BMW vehicle removal on the same day, or within 24-hours of your call.

Will you Pay cash for non working BMW vehicle?

Yes we will accept any BMW vehicle, in any condition, regardless of whether it will start or not. Even if your BMW has recently failed its WOF, we will still buy it.

What type of old BMW Vehicle Do You buy?

We buy cars, trucks, utes, vans and any other type of commercial vehicle. We will buy any BMW vehicle for cash, whether it is scrap or old. It doesn’t even matter if it starts or not.

What areas Cash For BMW Car NZ Covers?

We have a vehicle removal service throughout New Zealand. We are nationwide vehicle removal company.

How much do I pay to remove my unwanted BMW vehicles?

Cash For Car NZ is a free unwanted car removal service. We do not charge you for removing your unwanted vehicles.

How quickly will KingAuto remove my unwanted BMW Vehicles?

Our team members will be in touch with you within 24 hours once you submit your vehicle for removal. You will be contacted to arrange a date and time to have your vehicle removed. Usually, this can be done the same day!


where to sell my BMW in New Zealand?

we do offer the cash for your unwanted scrap BMW car removal, Talk to us on 0800 113 112 now!!

are you a broken BMW collection company ?

Yes, we are a broken BMW car removal company all over New Zealand.

can you Buy My scrap BMW please?

Yes, we do just give us your contact number and the address to remove your BMW.

Are you a BMW dump yard?

Yes, we are a car dump yard and offer free car removal with cash for your scrap BMW car.

Can Offer To Remove my Accidental BMW ?

Yes, we are interested, we also offer cash for your Scrap BMW Truck removal. Talk to us on 0800 113 112 now!!

Do you offer Cash for dead or alive BMW Cars?

Yes, we do Offer Best possible Cash for any BMW vehicle removals Talk to us on 0800 113 112 now!!

Cash For Any Vehicle