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Purchase the best quality used tyres for your car in Auckland [North Shore, West Auckland, South Auckland, and Auckland City]. Then, have them fitted onto your vehicle at your preferred local mechanic.

The Importance of Tyres on Your Car

If there was a part of any car that is the most important of all the parts, it would be the humble tyre. This is most certainly true because of their close relationship with the road, what with spending all their time in constant contact with it. No other component of your vehicle even touches the road.

How Do Care for Your Car Tyres?

So isn’t it strange how we take our tyres for granted and neglect their regular upkeep? The fact is that they need to be checked regularly in order to make sure that they are in good enough condition. Tyres that are not in top shape can cause accidents.

Even the signs of under-inflation are often not noticed until it is too late. So it isn’t only important to select a good set of tyres for your car. You must also work hard to maintain them as well. And you get other benefits from this other than being sure that you aren’t going to die in a terrible crash. The overall handling of the vehicle in question will be in good shape as well.

However, of course, the most important reason for doing this is overall safety. This web page will be looking at how to select a good set of used tyres that have been looked after well by their previous owners. It is a good thing that King Auto has the best range of used tyres to choose from!

Super Cheap Tyres @ King Auto Auckland

When you buy a used tyre, you don’t want to break the bank only to find that the tyre in question is in bad condition. We understand that here at King Auto. Which is why we sell the most affordable second-hand tyres, and that isn’t all. The tyres are also in outstanding condition, ensuring the safety of you and yours. We have a team of exceptionally experienced experts. The amount of time we have accumulated in the industry is collectively for over twenty years.

One-off Tyre Shop Auckland for all Needs

We sell Mag Wheels, tyres, Rims along with other components. All the different sizes are accounted for, including 13 inch, 18 inches, and everything in between. Exclusive Lowest Prices range.

Top Quality Tyres for All Makes and All Models

Perhaps you ride a sports car and need the right tyres for that specific breed of vehicle. Or maybe you are driving an off-road SUV. Different vehicles need different tyre types. Fortunately, we have them all. And not only do we have different tyres for different vehicle types, but we also have tyres that will fit on any make and model as well.

Warranties and Guarantees

All the used tyres and wheels come with a limited warranty and it can vary from 30 days to 90. So, please discuss this before the purchase and we will be more than happy to assure your purchase at King Auto.

How to Check the Size of Your Tyre

Check out the sidewall of your tyre and write down the full code consists of numbers and letters. Or take a pic and forward that to us and you are done. See image below:

Buy a Discount Tyre Online

All you have to do is get in touch with us and tell us the type of car you have, and we can match you with the right affordable tyre that will be in amazing condition and top quality. Expect a manufacturer warranty as well. We can deliver tyres or wheels (possible same day) across Auckland including Pukekohe, Albany, Onehunga, New Lynn, Penrose, Manukau, Papakura, Avondale, Takanini and Waitakere.

Our friendly team is looking forward to helping you!

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