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3 Simple Steps to Get a Free Car Valuation in NZ

Do you currently have in your possession a vehicle that is of the scrap variety? Has it taken on many years of wear and tear, and is now paying the price of existence by breaking down all the time? Perhaps it isn’t all that old, but the transmission has blown and the cost of having it fixed or replaced will cost more than you spent on purchasing the car in the first place.

Whatever the case is, you will surely appreciate the urgent need to find out how much your scrap car is worth. And one thing you will be saying to any online tool or service to do is: “Value my car-free”.

Fortunately for you, it just so happens that most auto wrecking companies have free car valuation services. Your average cash for cars or Car Removal Company is like a used car value calculator. They do this via a system of giving free quotes out to anyone who gets in touch with them. If a company is asking you to pay for a quote, run the other way. They aren’t trustworthy.

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Best Market Value of Your Car

If you are after the best free used car valuations tool online in Auckland or anywhere in the North Island of NZ, King Auto is just the answer for you. We are in the business of providing the whole Auckland area with the number one method for having scrap cars recycled. It takes us no time at all to estimate the value of any automobile. All we need are the major details pertaining to the car’s key attributes.

King Auto – Your local scrap car buyers in Auckland

No Obligations and Completely Free Quotes

When it comes to providing quotes for people looking to sell their old, used and junk vehicles, we are dedicated to doing our best to give the best service possible. How do we make sure this is the outcome? By having staff who have nearly twenty years of experience in the industry, and know vehicles like the back of their hands.

Customized Car Quotes Online or On the Phone

At King Auto, We are superior to all the other online vehicle valuation tools. They have flawed systems that don’t take into account the unique attributes of each individual automobile. Here at King Auto, we pay special attention to each car’s special details. We are well aware that vehicles are like fingerprints, and that car prices in NZ don’t apply to every single vehicle. Especially when it comes to automobiles that have reached the end of their lives. That is why we consider ourselves to be the best in the field.

No Pressure of Selling a Car

When you get a free quote from us, you aren’t just learning the answer to the question “What is the market value of a car?” There is so much more to it than that. We go in deep and deliver the ultimate in free quotes. Don’t go thinking that our quotes come with obligations attached either. You can accept our quote or reject it at your leisure. We believe in freedom here at King Auto.

The Vehicle Assessment Process and how it Works

When we ask you for the specific details that are associated with your vehicle’s current circumstances, this is the info we want:

  1. The condition that your vehicle happens to be in right now

Specific parts that may have broken down will help us make even more accurate of estimation. Say, for example, the engine has completely blown. Or the car has been in a crash (accidental) and every part is a mangled mess. We would like to know about these things. If you are selling an unregistered car then you need to let us know in advance as well.

  1. How old your car is

The older a vehicle is, the less advanced the technology on it happens to be. And the more wear and tear all the parts can be assumed to have taken on.

  1. How many Km’s the car has driven

Coupled with the age of the car, a fuller picture can be painted of how much wear and tear has accumulated on all the parts.

  1. The Vehicle’s Make

This is important as some brands are more popular than others. Makes that are less in demand will not be as expensive when it comes to selling their parts as parts that are from cars made by bigger manufacturers.

  1. The Model of Car You Own

The same principle applies here as well. We buy all models of Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Holden, Peugeot, Mazda, Subaru, Hyundai, Ford, Suzuki, Isuzu, Honda, Kia, SsangYong, Daewoo, Lexus, and more.

We will take these pieces of the puzzle and go about putting together a picture of how much your car is worth. You will receive a quote within a short time of having initially contacted us. You won’t have to wait around for hours or a day. We will answer the question “what is the trade value of my car” once and for all.

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We Pay Top Cash for Cars in Any Condition

Our whole business rests on how satisfied each customer is with our services. How do we ensure that this is achieved to the fullest capacity? By making sure that we are always paying more for people’s cars, Utes, trucks, SUV’s, 4×4’s and vans than any of the other companies out there in competition with us. We are so dedicated to this principle that if anyone happens to offer you a better deal for your scrap automobile, we will match that deal. Scrap car prices have never been more generous!

The Fastest Way to Sell a Car in NZ

A lot of the main complaints people have with the more traditional methods of selling cars is that it takes too long. Here at King Auto, we have streamlined the process so that it is faster than ever before. If you have been searching for an answer to the question “how can I sell my car fast?” then you most surely have found it now. And it is called King Auto. The whole selling process will take you less than a day. If you need some fast cash in order to pay outstanding debt, and you don’t need that car anymore, sell it and have that cash ready in no time!

Ready to Value Your Car For Free?

We won’t turn your car down for any reason, as we buy all the different makes and models. So get in touch with us here at King Auto for your free Car Valuation. You will get much more than the average car price in NZ, that’s for sure. Call us @ 0800 113 112 or inquire us At

King Auto offers the simple & convenient trade-in process and also offers the best trade-in value of your vehicle, so if you are interested in looking for the best place to trade in the car in Auckland then we are second to none.

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