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Are you in ownership of a car, truck, 4WD Ute, van or SUV that couldn’t possibly pass another warrant of fitness? Maybe you have relegated this old and useless but once majestic vehicle to sitting outside on your lawn or driveway. It will no doubt be using up real estate that you could be better utilized in any other way. Is it just plain old, or has a major part broken down, and is too expensive to repair or replace? It may be time for you to scrap your car. And the best way to do that is by selling it to us here at King Auto, Auckland’s leading scrap car buyers.

Why sell your car with King Auto?

We have established ourselves as the leading experts in scrap car removal over the last two decades. Thanks to us, anyone can go about selling an automobile of theirs that is no longer in running condition. This is much better than the alternatives of simply dumping the car in a landfill or abandoning it somewhere. Get in touch with us by calling 0800 113 112, and learn how we will pay you so much more than any other company will.

You Pay Zero Dollars for the Cost of Unwanted Car Removal

It is common for companies that buy junk cars to stipulate that the customer needs to somehow pay for the cost of removal. Of course, this ultimately means that the person selling the car gets less money at the end of the day. When you sell your automobile to us, you can expect to avoid any cost when it comes to the removal of your car. This is because we count ourselves as a free car removal service. This is on top of being proud scrap auto dismantlers.

Selling your Car AS IS? King Auto Can Help!

Your vehicle can be in absolutely any condition whatsoever. The only way the condition your car is in will affect your selling it to us is via making it less valuable. Depending on your automobile’s make, model, age, and condition, the maximum amount of money we are willing to spend on a car can reach all the way up to $12’000. And the fact that the removal of your broken car is free, you can expect to keep every penny. There is no better way to remove your old car.

Light Commercial Vehicles Are Welcome

Of course, we buy cars, but that isn’t all we are keen on getting our hands-on. We want everyone in Auckland to be able to get good money out of their junk vehicles. Regardless of whether your automobile happens to Ute, van, SUV, 4×4, or truck, you can rely on us to be paying you the large dollars for your broken down rust bucket.

And best of all, the fact that trucks and so forth are bigger and have more materials and parts, means that you get more money for them. In fact, we pay up to $15’000 in cash for trucks and commercial vehicles. So, if you have a truck or large vehicle that needs to be gotten rid of, choose to sell it to us and get top cash for your old car, truck, ute, or SUV!

What Happens to your broken vehicle when sold to Car Wreckers?

Many people wonder what we do with cars once we haul them all the way back to our place of business. This can be easily answered by saying that we recycle them within an inch of their lives. Then we recycle them some more. This is done by taking the automobile in question to pieces and taking all the parts that are in good condition and selling them as used parts.

When it comes to parts that are not in any condition to be re-sold, we sell the parts as scrap metal. All of this means that we are able to provide the best scrap car prices in NZ. If you are currently looking to swap unwanted cars for cash, you need to get in touch with us.

Car Wreckers Call KingAuto

Buying Cars of All Make and Model

It is not unheard of for cash for car companies to make things harder for people to sell their scrap cars by rejecting specific makes and models. This is incredibly unfair to people. It means that people who have less popular makes and models will find it much harder to sell their junk vehicles. It is important that everyone be able to use our skills and professionalism to their advantage. That is why we go out of our way to accept absolutely any car that is offered to us. This is regardless of what the make or model happens to be.

We will buy your car whether it is a:

The Whole of Auckland, North Island Is Serviced

It doesn’t matter where in Auckland you are currently located in. We will happily come to you with our removal equipment and provide you with the best service in used car buying that is available in Auckland. Do you want to do business with a scrap car buyer that pays the best cash? You don’t have to be in any specific Auckland region in order to sell your car to us.

You may live in West Auckland, Auckland City, South Auckland, North Shore, or any other region in Auckland, we will happily remove your car for free.

So, if you have an old car sitting in your driveway, making it hard for people to visit you, or if it is sitting on your lawn, taking up space where your children could be playing, get in touch with us. We will come over with our removal equipment and make it incredibly easy to get top cash. So get in touch with us either by phone or online by completing the quote request form. You will not be sorry that you did, as you will be getting good money.

Car Wreckers Call KingAuto