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What you need to know when your car engine is making a rattling sound

Most experts agree that a rattling sound emanating from a car’s engine is a sign that something is not right with your automobile. In fact, all experts agree on this, not most. Another important point that they all seem to be in agreement over is that the cause can be any one of a few different things. And it matters whether you are hearing said rattling noise while the car is running or idling.

Of course, you should have it looked at and have it repaired. It will cost you money, but the amount it will cost you later on if you don’t get it sorted will be even higher.

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More than One Possible Source of the Noise

Is your automobile’s engine rattling? Be worried. If you aren’t worried, you won’t have any motivation to get it fixed. The cause of engine rattling isn’t always the same thing. Some engine rattling noises will be the result of different things than others. And if you don’t have it fixed, your car is at high risk of having its version of a cardiac arrest.

Rattling When Vehicle Accelerates

Issues with the Belt Tensioner

Sometimes engines rattle when the car is accelerating. Maybe the timing belt or chain is the agent that needs blaming. It may not be properly centered. This will be a fault with the tensioning system. There is a chance that it needs to be taken out and replaced with a new one.

Tensioners, like all other car components, don’t last forever. They eventually get old and lose their strength. When this is the case, there will be more belt or chain movement because it is looser. The guides will then be smacking against the engine at regular fast intervals, creating that signature rattle. It will be very easy to hear due to the volume of sound being high.

The cost of having this sorted out may cost a mere $500 or thereabouts. If the engine needs replacing because you didn’t get it fixed in time, you will be spending up to $4000.

The Flex Plate or Flywheel has been Cracked Somehow

If you try to find the Flexplate, look forward to it being hard to do so. It is hiding between the engine and the transmission and is often the source of a rattling sound when it cracks. How so? If it is cracked it will bend ever so slightly from the acceleration torque. There will be a lack of alignment as a result of this slight bend. A rattling will then commence.

This is fixed by having the flywheel replaced. It is in a tricky spot to get to, which means that the entire transmission has to be taken out as part of the job. All of this work will require more hours to be spent on it, so you aren’t paying for just the flywheel part and a few hours. It can cost up to $2000, or a minimum of at least $1000.

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Rattling When Vehicle Is Idling

Catalytic Converter Core is Breaking Apart

Your car’s catalytic converter is an important part of your car’s low emission levels. It uses a core that is made of a honeycomb structure to convert harmful gasses into harmless gasses. There are chemical equations involved in this, and it is all very complicated. All you need to know is that when a catalytic converter gets old, the core breaks apart. They begin rattling and you then take it in to get looked at. You then learn that your catalytic converter needs replacing or repairing, and if you don’t your car will not pass its next emission test. No pass equals no WOF. The cost? In between $950 and $2500. If your car is worth less than that, you may as well sell it and buy another one.

The Spark Plug is Experiencing Issues

Have you ever heard of the phenomenon known as spark knock? It causes a sound in the engine that can be best described as pinging. When the fuel ignites, if the spark plug fires after the fact, there will be too much heat. The delivery of the fuel will also be affected negatively. Failing to have this issue fixed in a proper manner will not get your engine any awards in high functionality. And the long-term effects may include complete failure.

Collapsed Lifters

What are the lifters? They are components of the hydraulic variety. They are small, and they play the main role in the engine valve’s ability to open and close. Engine oil is what engine valves need to open and close, and once a lifter has collapsed, that oil will no longer do any pumping. It will cost you a minimum of $450 and a maximum of $2100 to have this properly fixed.

Is the Engine Cold And There Is Noise?

Piston Slap

So, you have given your car a good old fire up. But you are dismayed to hear the sound of the rattling variety. It just may be that you are hearing piston slap occurring. What does this mean? When the piston is moving within the cylinder in an up and down motion, there should be no room for it to move side to side. If it isn’t perfectly snug in that cylinder, it will rattle. When this occurs, it will be all of them rattling, not just one. The repairs will be intense, with the entire engine being rebuilt. If your car is worth less than $4000, it could be better to sell it to the auto wreckers and by a replacement vehicle.

Rod Knock

The crankshaft and its corresponding connecting rod have a layer of oil between them. It is microscopic. Wear and tear will eventually make this layer bigger, and the result will be a repeating metallic tapping sound. Again, the repairs are of the same size as the piston slap, with the whole engine needing a rebuild. Thousands of dollars will be spent. If you don’t get it done, expect the connecting rod to break entirely into the engine. That is one ruined engine you will have.

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Is the Engine Hot When there is Noise?

Low Oil Pressure

If you have low oil pressure, a rattling sound can be a red flag warning of this issue. Oil pressure that is of the low variety can result in a lack of oil providing lubrication to the moving parts that need it. The wear and tear they experience will increase by a large dose, with huge problems ahead.

A failing oil pump is one possible culprit. However, general neglect is normally where we point the finger of blame in this instance. All you need to do to prevent low oil pressure is regularly change the oil. It means you won’t have thin oil not providing proper lubrication. The solution to low oil pressure is to either buy a new car or have the engine replaced or rebuilt. It depends on what the price of the latter two is before deciding on whether to simply sell the car altogether and buy a replacement automobile.

Heat Shield

It will be a major relief if you find that the problem is a heat shield issue. The heat shield is a part that makes sure that parts that are close to the exhaust aren’t wrecked by the immense heat coming from that area. But a heat shield isn’t impervious to corrosion or rust. If your heat shield has fallen victim to rust or corrosion, you will hear a rattling. But it will only cost $100 to fix on average.

Selling Car with Engine Problems?

No doubts that vehicle problems related to engine and transmission are more expensive to fix and sometimes, it can go beyond the actual price for your vehicle. If your car is facing similar problems because you didn’t get it fixed soon enough, sell your car to a wrecker. You can get the free car valuation from King Auto who pays the best price for broken cars with full customer satisfaction.

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