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Selling a Vehicle That Has Been in an Accident

When one experiences a car crash, they will never be the same. There are so many things that happen in the few short seconds that can change a person’s life forever. They will forever have the memories of those crystal clear moments frozen in time rattling about in their heads. They will wake up in cold sweats on an odd night for many years to come.

But at the moment, right after it has finished happening, you need to take action to ensure everyone is safe. Once you have decided no-one is hurt, you check your own wellbeing. You’re fine? Now, look at the car. It is a mess and may not ever be driveable again. Or will it?

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Determine Whether Your Car is Safe to Drive on NZ roads

There will be many variables that will tell you whether or not your car is safe to drive after being in a crash. All crashes are different. What angle did your car hit the other car at? This tiny detail will have an effect on how bad the damage is and what kind of damage it is. Whether the impact happened at the front or back or your car is another. A front end accident can destroy your engine, while a rear-end accident is much easier to fix.

Signs of Serious Damage that Make a Car Un-driveable

Your Car’s Lights are Broken

When a car is in a collision of a serious variety, some lights will be smashed. As we all know, lights are important for safety at night. Indicator lights are important for safety at any time of day. So whether you can drive or not depends on what lights are damaged, but generally, it is frowned upon.

The Tyres Are Flat

If the tyres are flat, of course, it goes without saying that you can’t drive that car. Perhaps you decide to replace the tyre and continue on your way, but this is a bad idea as well. There could be other problems in your car.

The Windows are Shattered or Broken

It is possible to drive a car that has had a window broken. Unless it is the windshield window. A windshield is a major form of protection from the elements. If a bug were to get in your face, you could crash.

Airbags Were Deployed

Even though you can technically drive your car when the airbags are deployed, you shouldn’t. Unless you are travelling a short distance, like down to the dairy. Otherwise, you have lost a major form of protection in your car.

Your Car is Leaking Fluid

If you have been in a crash you will need to check if there is leaking fluid. Check fluid levels such as engine oil, coolant, transmission, and petrol. Check for puddles under the car. These fluids are required for certain things, such as keeping your car from overheating. If you keep driving you could end up with a blown engine.

Car Is Hard To Steer

If there is any problem with the steering or suspension, your car will have major issues in steering issue. This will make your car feel like it is pulling hard while you attempt to drive it. Stop driving your car immediately if this is the case.

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Repair or Replace the car after an accident?

After being in a car accident, you will have to find out whether it is better to have your car repaired or sold. This can seem like a hard task. But all you really need to do is find out how much it will cost to get the repairs done. Then do a bit of research to ascertain your car’s value before the crash occurred. This will leave you with two numbers. If the number relating to how much the cost of the repair is greater than the number related to how much your vehicle is worth, you really should sell.

You should also check out how much does an accident affects the car’s value.

Those two figures and the discrepancy between them will depend on different variables. How old the vehicle is, what make and model it is, who is doing the repairs, and what parts have been so damaged that they need replacing as opposed to repairing. If your car is too damaged to fix, you may be at a loss as to who on earth would be willing to buy it. Continue reading to find out.

Trade-in Accidental Car for Cash

It is normally a struggle to sell a car after an accident that is in less than ideal condition. You will probably need to wait for weeks or even months for someone who buys scrap cars for used parts to take notice. However, this isn’t the only way to sell a totalled vehicle. You have the option of selling your vehicle to a wrecker.

Auto wrecking companies are also known as Car Scrap Yards and cash for car services. They buy vehicles that are in such bad condition that they can be considered to be “scrap.” They are also providers of the fastest way to sell any kind of automobile. So if you just want to sell a car within the space of one day, you can do so with amazing amounts of ease.

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Easy Way to Sell a Damaged Car for Cash in NZ

First of all, you will need to contact a few different companies. This is the shopping around stage. Get a few different free quotes for the car after an accident. They can be attained by calling or filling out quote request forms that are found on their websites. You have to tell them the make, model, age and condition your car is in. That will mean saying what parts have been damaged beyond repair and so forth.

It is important for you to look at who provides free removal. Some companies do, while others don’t. If you have free removal, this means that the cost of picking up your car won’t be factored into the deal that they offer you. It is a great way to get the best amount of cash. Good luck in your endeavour to sell your scrap car!