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How much do insurance company pay for totalled cars? Try King Auto’s Car Value Calculator

No-one likes to be in the dark about anything. It results in a general sense of helplessness. Further down the road, one will end up needing counselling and therapy in order to deal with the stress of not knowing something. Welcome to the world of not knowing how much your car is worth (totalled car value). A true struggle that can’t be fully described with words. But it isn’t the end of the world. Far from it.

Finding out how much your vehicle is worth can be as easy as contacting King Auto and getting an online valuation of your scrap car. Attain for yourself a free quote that tells you how much your scrap car is worth.

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General Formula that Insurance Companies Use to Pay for Totalled Vehicles

Basically, there is no suck straight forward formula to determine the true value of any totalled vehicle. However, for the ballpark idea, we can use this:

Final Price = Current Market Value of Your Car (based on similar vehicle) – Pre accident claims due to severe damages – Your Deductible.

When is Your Car a Total Loss?

There really is only one way that you will be able to determine that your automobile is of the scrap variety of vehicles. First of all, you need to find out how much the vehicle was worth before it broke down or was in a crash of some sort. Then you need to find out how much the cost of getting it back up and running again will be, in terms of dollars.

If the latter figure exceeds the former, you can be sure that your car, truck, van, Ute or SUV is in a state of disrepair that it will never come back from. In other words, it is totalled. This is an important distinction to make, as you don’t want to get rid of a perfectly good car.

How Do You Make Money If Your Cardo is totalled?

So, you have made the calculations and you can be confident that your car is no longer worthy of driving or owning. There can be many reasons why your automobile got to this point in its career. Perhaps it was in a crash, or maybe it was in a flood. Then there are the cars that are victims of the fire. Or has the head-gasket blown? Whatever it was, it is now a scrap vehicle and needs to be treated as such. Now you need to deal with it. The first step is to find out how much it is worth.

Who Will Buy My Totalled Car for Cash?

The answer to that question is simple. There are companies that buy scrap cars and they are in the form of auto wreckers. They recycle vehicles that are no longer in any shape for driving. The components on the automobile in question will be removed and the ones that are re-usable will be added to a second-hand part stock. People can then have access to high quality used parts from that auto wrecking company.

How Much Is My Totalled Car Worth?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have access to a special vehicle value calculator that figured out for you how much your vehicle is worth? Especially if it could then be compared to how much it was worth before the bad luck that resulted in it being a scrap vehicle. Here is something you can do in order to get a clearer picture than you currently have:

Go to King Auto’s Used Car Value Calculator and find out how much your vehicle is worth according to them. Take a percentage of that number. Make that percentage of about twenty or forty. It depends on what level of damage or disrepair the automobile in question has taken on.

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How to Sell My Totalled Car for Cash?

Great question, how to deal with a totalled car? There are a few different things that can occur in a road accident that will increase the amount of damage inflicted. They also increase the amount of money it would take to fix it. It really can be as simple as the airbags being deployed. Airbags are not cheap. However, it will usually be in conjunction with other factors that also cost money. This includes such as the cost of repairing the dents and mechanical issues that resulted from the accident.

Of course, another huge thing to consider is how valuable your car is. Was your car brand new? It will probably not be a write-off. But if it was only worth a few thousand dollars, which a huge amount of cars on the road are, this will be more likely.

The Considerations that are taken into Consideration

Formulating a fool-proof calculation that will give us the exact value of any given scrap car is not a realistic goal. But we can get close, as long as we take certain things into consideration. We need to determine how much the car would be worth right now if it hadn’t taken on the damage that resulted in it being totalled. What condition it was in before it was in an accident will need to be determined in order to figure that one out. And the insurance deductible is also going to play a role in how much money you can expect to get payed in any claim.

The Process behind Selling/Trading a Totalled Car

It is very easy to get your totalled car sold. All you have to do is first find out who buys scrap cars in your area. This is done using your favourite search engine online. Contact junkyards near you that buy cars and get a free quote by telling them the age, condition, make and model of your car. Then they will respond by providing you a free quote that you can either take or leave.

They usually provide free removal. So there is no need to arrange for the transport of your vehicle back to their salvage yard.

What to do with a totalled car and no insurance? – Sell totalled car to salvage yard!

The places that you can expect to be in the business of buying totalled cars are places known as auto wreckers. Sometimes they are also known as cash for car companies. Some folk refer to them as salvage yards or recycling yards. It doesn’t matter. If your car is totalled, they are your best bet for getting cash for them.

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