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How to deal with a Totalled Car?

Do you have a vehicle that has run into a bad fortune while out on the road? Is it now totalled wreck? As you would already know, this refers to the label that your insurance company has given it. That label is “total loss.” It is understandable that you would have gone through a lot of stress as a result of whatever it was that happened to you while driving that resulted in the current state of your car. But now, you have a totalled car to deal with. What exactly are you going to do?

Knowing what to do next is one way of minimising that anxiety. Of course, it also helps you to actually formulate your next steps when making plans with the company that handles your insurance. Here are some of the different things you can do:

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Keep the Car and Have it Fixed

If the damage to your vehicle that was incurred via an accident only affected its appearance, this would be your best bet. The monetary cost would be slight.  And this is because of the fact that no major components, such as the transmission or engine, are in need of repair.

You may also decide to keep the car and have it fixed if the insurance company isn’t going to pay you enough settlement money for you to afford a replacement car. This is where the provider deducts the scrap value of your vehicle from your settlement.

Retain the Vehicle, and Make No Repairs

This is what you would do if it can be driven safely, but is seriously damaged cosmetically. It is okay to keep it and drive it around if the damage hasn’t compromised its safety or ability to run. You don’t have to have the exterior damage fixed, but if you are about to sell it, how it looks will affect the value. You might want to have it cleaned up before doing this.

Part the Vehicle Out

Then there is the case of the vehicle that has been ruined both inside and out. Sometimes the insurance company will buy it and sell it themselves. As no-one would be buying it to drive it, for obvious reasons, it is unsurprising that whoever buys it will be doing so for the parts. Of course, if you were to have the know-how, tools, space and time to do this yourself, then that is an option. But it is more than likely that this isn’t the case.

Sell your Car to King Auto

The crew at King Auto are the folk buying cars for their parts. And if you live on the North Island, the best auto wrecking company is King Auto. They buy wrecked and totalled vehicles and part them out. They don’t only buy wrecked vehicles, though. Used automobiles, old cars, trucks, 4×4’s, vans, Utes and SUV’s are also wanted. They don’t reject cars for any reason and will buy all makes and models. If you have a car that runs just fine, but you need some fast cash by tomorrow, there isn’t a faster way to sell a car.

Car Wreckers Call KingAuto