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Most Effective Method for Selling a Car in NZ

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When you buy a car in NZ, it often proves to be a whole bunch of fun. However, it is often important that before the fun, one must suffer. In this case, the suffering involves selling the old car that you are replacing. Here are some obliging tips to help you do this easily and effectively.

Car Trade-in

When it comes to ease and convenience, you really will find it hard to beat the trade in a car method. This is probably the best way to sell a car yourself. You choose a car to buy from the dealership, and your current car will be part of the payment. You will be paying much less for the vehicle and essentially selling your old one at the exact same time.

The pros of doing this aren’t restricted to convenience. You are also avoiding a lot of the hoops you have to jump through involving taxation and insurance. There will be no period of time where you are without a vehicle to get you to and from work either.

Cash for Car Companies

Are you looking for the best place to sell your car for cash? If you want to get some quick cash for your scrap car, and want the whole process to be as simple as you can possibly make it, this may be for you. You contact the company and get an accurate quote. Then they come over and pay you cash on the spot before taking the car free of charge. All you need to get the price from Auckland’s leading scrap car buyers. This is undoubtedly the best way to sell a car that needs work.

The quote you get isn’t guaranteed, as they will need to look at your car in person at some point. After all, you could have been in-accurate. This means that the final offer could be more, or it could be less. Some companies charge for removal as well. But this is one of the fastest ways to sell.

What to do Before Selling Your Car to Wreckers

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Selling a vehicle privately

Via this method, you trade convenience and speed for profit. This is the selling method for anyone who wants the most money for their vehicle. The biggest problem with it is the sheer length of time you will probably have to wait for your car to be snapped up by a buyer.

You also have to prepare the car so that it is in the best condition. There are ads to be run online and photos to take for those ads. On top of that, you also need to talk to many different prospective buyers who will waste your time.

How to Make the Advert for Private Sale?

The advert you place on the site of your choice will be incredibly important to whether you sell your car for the best cash possible. Here is what to put in your online advertisement:

  • How many people owned the vehicle before you
  • What year the vehicle was registered in
  • How many years are left on its warranty
  • The car’s make and model along with what style of body it has
  • Information pertaining to the gearbox
  • How big or small the engine is
  • The history of the car’s maintenance of service
  • What colour the car is
  • Whether the car uses LPG, petrol, diesel or electricity
  • How many Km’s it has travelled over its lifetime

How to Price Your Car when selling it

Wondering how much is my car worth? This is a part of the automobile selling process that can be done right or wrong, depending on experience and knowledge. There are a number of variables that have to be considered. There are obvious details such as how old the vehicle is and what condition it is in. Then there are details that don’t seem obvious as well, for instance, where you are located as different locations can influence a car’s price.

There are online resources that can also help you. It is a good idea to find someone who is advertising the same car as yours, and see how much they have priced it.

Taking a Photo of your Car Properly

Whether or not you take a good photo of your car can have a huge influence on how easy it is for you to sell it. Don’t neglect to wash your car first, however. Take your car somewhere that looks good, like a beach. Ensure that your ride isn’t surrounded by other cars.

It had better be a fine day and there is good lighting. You will want to take the car’s photo at an angle from the front, side and back. Don’t forget to take photos of the vehicle’s interior as well. If the car is messy inside, clean it out first.

Get Your Vehicle Serviced

If you are selling a car at a dealership then this point is vital to consider. Perhaps your automobile is covered in dents and dings. Are there scratches on it as well? If you can have all these bumps and bruises sorted out by a panel-beater, you will be making it look as nice as possible. Like dressing nicely for a job interview, you are presenting your car in the best possible light, and influencing prospective buyers psychologically.

If your car has any small mechanical problems that you can fix as well, why not get them fixed? As long as they are relatively cheap operations, it can only make your car worth more. You want to get the best possible price, remember!

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Talking to Prospective Buyers

When you are contacted by people interested in your car, it is a great idea to have a notebook. Jot down information and notes related to your interactions, including dates and bookings for test drives. You may sell the vehicle before a particular person gets to see it. You will want to contact them so they know to cancel the appointment.

When a buyer takes the car for a test drive, you will want to go with them. Be extra safe by bringing someone along. Don’t forget to make sure that the driver has a valid licence, so check that out.

Negotiating the Price

This is otherwise known as haggling. If you aren’t already good at this, you can have a friend be there who is. When you price your car, you will be pricing it higher than it is worth but not by too much, as this will provide wiggle room for haggling. Have a price in your head that you won’t go below. Good luck with selling your car, and hopefully these pieces of advice make it easy and simple to get the best deal!