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How to Sell a Car with Broken Transmission?

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If you have ever attempted to sell a vehicle of any kind whose transmission is broken, you will know how difficult it is. It sure is a struggle. This fits into the larger problem of how hard it is to sell a car that has broken down permanently. People who are on the hunt for a vehicle to buy usually want one that they can drive. If repairs need to be made, they better not exceed the car’s worth. They would be better off buying a different vehicle.

So, is there a way to sell a vehicle that has a failed transmission? And if there is, how much would that vehicle be worth? These are all very important questions that need to be answered. In this article, we will attempt to answer that question as best as we can with all the expertise at our vehicle dismantling. How much is a car with a broken transmission worth? Let’s find out!

How much does it cost to fix a car with bad transmission?

It is normally very expensive to get your transmission repaired. If your vehicle is around the average age that most cars on the road are, it will probably not even be worth as much as the cost of repairing or replacing your transmission. A transmission replacement can cost anywhere between $800 used to $6’000 if new.

What are the indications of Transmission Failure?

There are a few different signs to look out for when your car’s transmission is going down the gurgler. When the transmission has worn down over many years of use it will slip. This causes a slipping to happen whenever gears are changed. What is that like? It feels as if the gears are shifting off their own accord. There is often a whining noise coming from the engine. Gears become harder to change as well. There is a delay where there normally isn’t when you start driving.

You may also see that your transmission is leaking fluid. You will know because the color appearing under the car will be bright to dark red. The check engine light may also have illuminated.

What is the best option to deal with this situation?

At this point, any sane person will look at the option of getting their vehicle’s transmission repaired and decide that it isn’t worth it. But what can you do instead? You most certainly cannot choose the option that involves doing nothing. You can sell your car to a wrecker. Like King Auto.

Car Wreckers Call KingAuto

How much is a car worth with a bad transmission @ King Auto?

Here at King Auto, we pay up to $7’000 for cars (final estimation follows the make, model, and age of the vehicle) and even more for trucks and other larger vehicle types. We provide a removal service that is completely free, ensuring that you get the most money at the end of the day. And the whole process will take less than the day that you contact us on. So get in touch with us today. You will get top cash for having your car properly recycled, instead of leaving it to deteriorate and fall to pieces on your property.

Trade-in Car with Bad Transmission for $$$ Cash Value @ King Auto

When a vehicle has any kind of career-killing mechanical problem, King Auto is the company that buys that machine when no-one else will. This includes vehicles that have suffered from a major transmission malfunction.

It is often far more expensive to fix this problem than the car was worth before it occurred. So the best solution is to buy a new car and get rid of the current one. If we weren’t around, the people of NZ would have to simply make do with leaving their vehicle on their property. This is why we are extremely proud of the role we play in the community.

Sell Your Car with “Transmission Trouble” for Cash

You may be aware of the fact that when selling a vehicle, the worse its condition, the harder it will be. If your car is in scrap condition, it will be nearly impossible. If you are lucky enough to actually manage to sell it, you will have waited months for someone to take any interest. This whole process can be cut down in time to the mere space of a day.

All you need to do is contact us here at KING AUTO. In no time at all, that bad car will be gone. Replaced with a good and generous amount of cash that can go toward buying a replacement car.

Car Wreckers Call KingAutoHere is How to do it

Get in touch with us here at King Auto

This is the most important step. If you don’t complete this part of the process, you will not be able to sell your broken car for a good amount of cash. So, you do need to drop us a line. Or, there is another way to get in touch with us. It involves the quote request form that can be found on our website. It is right there on the main page.

Sell Your Car for Cash Instant Quote

The good times continue in this step towards selling you are useless broken down car. We will need to have some information concerned with your car’s make, model, age, and condition. These details are incredibly important as we can use them to ascertain how much your automobile is worth. Please be honest as we will be looking at your car in person to verify that the details are correct.

Once you have provided us with those specific details about your broken down car, which will include the fact that the transmission is broken, we can then give you a free quote. And there will be no obligations attached either!

Best way to sell a car with mechanical problems

We will come to your place or wherever the car in question is located (We cover Northland, Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, and the entire North Island, NZ), and we will pay you for it before hauling it all the way back to our place of business. And free scrap car removal service operates fast and secure.

Car Wreckers Call KingAuto

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