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Perhaps you have a Japanese brand of car on your driveway. If you aren’t driving it at all because it is no longer operational, and the cost of getting it into shape is higher than the car is worth, there is one solution, find out how much your scrap car is worth.

Sell it to us here at King Auto. We are leaders in the field of buying unwanted cars and recycling them. We even pick them up free of charge.

Japanese Auto Wreckers Northland to Wellington

Whether you live in any area in or around Auckland, Wellington, Whangarei, Gisborne, Waikato, Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, Napier, or Hamilton, we will be able to provide our superior Jap Car Buying Services. So, if you currently reside in any inner suburbs of these locations, get in touch with us and sell your junk Japanese car for top cash! No-one pays more cash for Japanese cars than us. If you need to sell a Japanese Ute, or a Japanese SUV, truck, van or 4wd, we will jump at the chance to purchase it off you for the most money in town.

Toyota Wrecking | Scrapping | Dismantling | Parts

Toyota’s are perhaps the most popular of all the Japanese car brands out there on our roads today. This is why we get so many of them. But don’t worry. Toyota Wreckers @ King Auto Dismantlers don’t forget to pay the most money possible for each and every one of them. We look at the model, age, and condition the car is in and provide an expert valuation of the most generous disposition. All models are bought no matter how badly damaged they are. Get a free quote from us today!

Nissan Wrecking | Scrapping | Dismantling | Parts

Who could forget the majestic Nissan? Not so majestic when it is so old that getting it to run properly would cost you an arm and a leg, though. This is when the best option is to sell that vehicle to someone who will buy it off you within the space of one day. And for the best remuneration option that the vehicle deserves. Nissan Wreckers @ King Auto Removals are the ones to call if you want to make this dream a reality. No model or condition of the car will make us turn a Nissan down. We will even transport it back to our base ourselves, and not charge you a cent.

Mitsubishi Wrecking | Scrapping | Dismantling | Parts

Perhaps you have a Mitsubishi that has stopped working, and permanently this time. It doesn’t have to be the end of the story when this happens. You can take control of things and kick that good-for-nothing Mitsubishi to the curb. Get a replacement Mitsubishi that actually runs. But first, you have to sell that clunker to us Mitsubishi Wreckers at King Auto Ltd. We will pay you up to $12K for it, and take it back to our salvage yard using our own equipment, without charging you anything!

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Mazda Wrecking | Scrapping | Dismantling | Parts

Selling a Mazda privately can be a major pain. You have to put up adverts online, spread the work on social media, clean the Mazda up and wait for months for anyone to be interested. Avoid all of that hassle today by getting in touch with us here at King Auto Mazda Wreckers. We buy Mazda’s in the space of a single day. All models, all conditions, all ages wanted. Contact us by dialing 0800 113 112 and receive a free quote. No-one else in Auckland can say that they pay up to $12’000 for Mazda’s. Whether it is a truck, 4×4, Ute, van, or SUV, we are your best bet for a good deal!

Suzuki Wrecking | Scrapping | Dismantling | Parts

Your lawn wasn’t designed with having junk cars lounging about on it in mind. Neither was your garage or driveway. What you need to do if you have a scrap vehicle is get rid of it. But who is going to buy it off you? Do you live in Auckland or anywhere on the North Island of NZ? King Auto is the area’s leader in Suzuki buying. We make the process so simple you will have more trouble making toast for breakfast.

We will even throw a free scrap car removal service in to sweeten the deal. It doesn’t matter what the car’s condition is or what model of Suzuki it happens to be. We will spend good cash on it so we can recycle it for the good of the environment.

Honda Wrecking | Scrapping | Dismantling | Parts

Getting rid of a scrap car sounds like something that would take a lot of effort to complete. But you really don’t have to lift a finger, thanks to Honda Wreckers @ King Auto. We will do all the work for you. We don’t even want to be paid. Instead, seeing as the car is worth money because of the parts and materials on it that can be recycled, we will pay you. Up to $12’000, in fact, depending on Honda’s condition! Then we will remove it from your property and take on the costs associated with that task ourselves.

Isuzu Wrecking | Scrapping | Dismantling | Parts

Many people assume that the task of selling a car can’t take as short as one day to complete, but Isuzu Wreckers @ King Auto show just how wrong this assumption is. We can do it in one day, even less than one day. And all the while, we will be paying the best cash for that Isuzu. We buy cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, and 4×4’s. Up to $12’000 for clunkers that can be in any condition or any Isuzu model.

Lexus Wrecking | Scrapping | Dismantling | Parts

If your Lexus breaks down, you will want it fixed. But if you do the math and find that getting it fixed will be more expensive than the Lexus was before it croaked, you will change your mind. We are here to help you to do what is needed in this case. Sell that car and get good cash for it, all in the space of a day.

Japanese Auto Parts (Aftermarket Car Parts)

What do we do with all these cars we buy? We salvage all the best parts from them to sell second hand. What should you do if you need a second-hand part that is both affordable and top quality? Contact us at 0800 113 136 and buy whatever part you need! Tested, reconditioned, and refurbished, and with 30-90 days warrantees. Your one-stop-shop for used parts is here at King Auto!

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