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Wreck Your Mitsubishi Triton @ King Auto

No-one should have to be stuck with a junk car littering up their property. It is not only an ugly mess that it no doubt annoying the neighbors, but it can actually be a considerable source of nasty pollution. Yet we still see clunkers parked on people’s lawns.

Do the owners not know that they can easily get rid of their vehicle with no effort or hassle involved?

If you have a junk Mitsubishi that is causing you grief, call us here at King Auto straight away and it will be gone in the space of a mere day. You don’t have to pay us a cent. You do, however, have to accept our cash payment to you. Read more 10 reasons why you should sell your car to King Auto. That’s right, we are basically buying your junk Mitsubishi! We cover the Whole Northland, Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, and Wellington regions.

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The Mitsubishi Removal is Cost Free as Well

Perhaps another reason why so many folks are hesitant to get rid of their junk vehicles is that they are under the misconception that it will somehow cost them money. They can breathe a sigh of relief over the fact that they are the ones getting paid. And what’s more, we here at King Auto are dedicated to our customers getting the most money that they possibly get out of their car. That is why we take on the cost of removal ourselves.

We Want Any Mitsubishi Model Offered to us (Not Just Triton)

Have a look at the model of Mitsubishi that you own. It might be one of the more popular models or one of the less popular models. It could be a discontinued model. This will affect the value of your Mitsubishi. One thing it won’t do, however, is to make us not want to buy it at all. The reason for this is we buy every make and model of vehicle we come across. People recognize us as superior Mitsubishi Wreckers in the whole North Island of NZ.

For example, here is an incomplete list of Mitsubishi’s that we are more than glad to welcome to our scrap yard: Tredia, Proudia, Sigma, Diamante, Debonair, Dignity, ASX, Aspire, Carisma, Galant, Lancer, Eterna, Mirage, Eterna, Emeraude, and Montero.

We will buy Junk or Used 4×4 Triton Ute

The sort of condition your Mitsubishi is in will affect its value. If it is a junk Mitsubishi it will get a lot less than if it is simply a used Mitsubishi that works just fine. However, we don’t actually turn down cars for any reason. And that goes for Mitsubishi’s as well as any other brand. We want junk cars so that we can salvage the parts and materials, and the condition they are in won’t make that any harder. So if your Mitsubishi has seen better days, it is no less likely to get good money from us.

We also buy the “end of life” vehicles based on their scrap value. We dismantle the Mitsubishi spare parts for resale as well. Feel free to contact us if you are looking to buy any Triton spare parts in New Zealand.

Find out How Much your Mitsubishi Triton is Worth

It is simple and easy to attain the knowledge pertaining to the amount of money your Mitsubishi is worth. That is if you are dealing with us. Because we love to help folks in any way we can. So call us at 0800 113 112 or use our online valuation service that can be located on our website’s main page.

Car Wreckers Call KingAuto