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King Auto Privacy Policy

The King Auto Company is the most popular Cash for Cars Service operating in New Zealand. In this privacy policy page, the company will be mentioned as “We”, “Our” and “us”. We own and operate this website to protect our customer’s privacy. This means keeping private the personal information gathered from customers visiting our web site. We understand how important it is to make our customers feel safe while using our service. This particularly relates to the protection of personal information collected by our visitors.

The privacy policy is also formed to help users in understanding the details that we collect, how it is helpful to us and how we protect it. We can also assist you to make a well-informed decision when acquiring our service.

When you use this website, you approve the Internet Private Policy given on this page (‘””). At our discretion, we retain the authority to remove or change any part of this Policy at any moment. This is to update our visitors about any new information or changes regarding our service. In addition, the policy is applicable to the site besides any other prevailing terms and conditions. On our site page we don’t delineate anything about a third party website that may be mentioned or linked here. You are welcome to drop your comments and leave feedback.   

We have used trademarks, brand names and auto business designations for the purpose of reference on this site. This does not indicate any affiliation between the company and any brand of motor vehicle manufacturers.


When you acquire our services, you agree to our Privacy Policy and the related terms and conditions of use. By doing so you also give your consent for gathering your personal details, storing it carefully and using it in the best interest. We will disclose your details as represented in the privacy policy. We collect visitor’s information only when they submit it deliberately with their free will.

For instance, anytime you access our service we will need all your personal information to respond to your inquiries and offer further services. We do it with the intention of protecting your private information from any fraudulent activity. By getting in touch with us you agree to be contacted by our team or otherwise get emails. Our privacy policy is applicable to all users. No matter if they register with us or create any type of account.


Once the visitors submit their private information on our site we take care to use it in the right way. This means using it only to fulfill the motive for which it was submitted by the visitor. Sometimes the information is also submitted for other purposes that are indirectly related to the main purpose. We send a copy of correspondence to the customers which contains personal details. They are carefully archived for storing to support back-up purpose and record-keeping.


Even you have received the disclosure or agreed upon the information necessary for the purpose of scrapping your car. It is important to disclose your private details. In some special circumstances, the company may have to disclose your private details. We do it to identify the user, take legal action against their damage. This supports us to take legal action against any person, interfering, damaging or harming our rights, users, property or anyone that can get harmed in such away. Apart from this, we may also reveal any detail that is lawfully correct. Sometimes you may also get services or goods from third parties on behalf of us. In that situation, we may need to reveal your private details to a third party so they can offer you the right goods or services.


We endeavor to maintain the integrity, privacy, and security of private information collected by our customers. We understand it is really difficult to secure the transmission of data over the internet. That’s why we ensure to implement appropriate precautions and follow best practices. This supports us to maintain the originality of information submitted by the users. Every time we review our security measures we use current technologies to keep them updated. This is how we protect the details submitted online by the clients while buying our services and products.

Additionally, the contractors and our employees ensure to keep all the information confidential. However, if an unauthorized person or party access your information we don’t take any responsibility for the events. By implementing the right measures we prevent details from getting accessed, revealed, modified or destroyed. However, these measures can be breached by scammers. Once you use your service, you agree to understand our terms and the related risks.


Most websites use cookies to store data that is transferred by a user to their site. It refers to data transmitted by a web site to the hard drive of an individual for keeping a record. It is used by most sites including ours in order to ease the user’s access to the site. By using the data stored in cookies we are able to personalize our web page according to the needs of customers.

If you don’t want that we should collect your details using cookies, you can follow an easy process. Most browsers simply allow you to accept or reject the feature of cookies. But you should remember that it may be worth using cookies when you access our services.


We take all the necessary steps to secure the details that we store about users. And, we try our best to maintain the accuracy of these details and keep it updated. If you feel that we have disclosed any wrong detail about you. Feel free to contact us so we can correct it.


We generally provide links to other websites and applications. This way we improve the compatibility of our site with other websites that are not controlled by us. So we don’t hold the responsibility for the wrongful conduct of any business connected to our site. We always advise the visitors to go through the privacy statement, terms of use and conditions when they visit our site.


If you find any ongoing problems or concerns related to our site. You can contact us without any hesitation. We guarantee to deal with the issue carefully and work to eliminate the related concerns. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our privacy statement or policy.