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How to Choose the Right Car to Buy

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Of all the special experiences that serve as landmarks in our lives, buying a new car surely ranks among the top for most people. Cars are big-ticket items, requiring loans that take a long time to pay off. They come only second to houses in terms of expense.

For this reason, it can be an exciting process that a lot of folks find exciting and ultimately fulfilling. However, this isn’t so for some. There will be the odd person who approaches this task with some trepidation and anxiety. It doesn’t help that there is such a massive selection of automobiles to choose from. This makes the question “how do I choose my first car?” a hard one to answer.

Petrol vs Electric Car

But have no fear. In this blog post, we will help with some handy tips on how to go about this in a way that will achieve the best result. The option of new vs used car is explored. Should you buy petrol-powered or electric? How much does a reliable car cost? These and more questions will be answered to the best of our ability.

It is of the utmost importance that you buy an automobile that is best suited to you and your personal needs. And we want to help you in this endeavor. Continue reading to get the full low down on how to choose the right car to buy.

Brand New vs. Second Hand

For many, the question that they ask themselves right out of the gate is which car is best to buy; used or brand new? Perhaps you simply asked, “should I buy a used car?” It doesn’t matter. You asked some variation of this question. Why is this?

It has to do with the huge discrepancy in prices between cars that have been pre-loved, versus cars that are brand new. Accordingly, what you ultimately choose will be heavily decided by your income level, and what you can afford. Of course, the usage of loans makes it a lot easier to buy brand new if you are absolutely dead set on it. And if you can buy a car fresh from the show floor, you get the benefit of a vehicle that has had no history of mechanical problems. And probably won’t for a few years, knock on wood.

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There are also plenty of benefits to be gained from opting instead to purchase a second-hand automobile. You don’t need a used car buying guide to know that the biggest feature is the lower price range. There is also the fact that cars depreciate in leaps and bounds within the first three years of owning one. If you buy a used vehicle, you can be sure that all of that depreciation has already occurred.

Which car is best for second-hand?

What is even more important than knowing which second-hand car is the best to buy? Getting a warranty. Along with aftermarket policies, it helps you relax knowing that if something goes terribly wrong, you have a warranty.

However, the older the car is, the less likely it is that you will get one. How many years old should a used car be? It depends on how much you are willing to pay. You also need to look at the cover that the warranty provides. If you purchase a vehicle that is under the three-year mark in age, not only will you get to save some serious money? You also get a car that has some of the manufacturer’s warranty remaining on it.

Choosing among Diesel fuel, Petrol, and Electric

Different vehicle types in NZ run on different fuels, and with different energy sources come from different considerations. This includes price, environmental impact, and so forth. So while it might not seem like an important decision, it most certainly is. And it is one you need to think about when purchasing an automobile that will provide regular transport to you and your family.

So, how does one make the decision? When you compare cars in NZ, one variable to take into account is what distance you travel per year. Is it less than 19,000 Km’s? You should probably buy a vehicle whose engine is powered by petrol. Out of the two fuel types, petrol is the cheaper option, but diesel is the most fuel-efficient. This may mean that you save money.

But the sheer amount of Km’s that you have to cover in order for it to be a meaningful amount means that Diesel is only for anyone who is covering large distances. When it comes to larger automobiles with bigger engines, petrol-powered ones tend to cost more money to run. For this reason, the demand for them is lower, so they are more expensive to buy.

Then there is the electric option. If you are concerned with the environmental impact your vehicle will be having on the atmosphere, you might want to consider buying an electric car. But only if you are driving small distances on a regular basis. Charging stations aren’t as common as petrol stations, and refilling a gas-powered car only takes minutes, where-as re-charging takes a lot longer. You can be waiting anywhere from thirty minutes to twelve hours.

What Kind Of Body Do you Want your Car to Have?

Thirty years ago, things weren’t the same as they are now when it comes to choosing what body type your car will have. People who traveled short distances purchased hatchback vehicles. Anyone who was in need of an automobile that would take on a lot of weight all the time would require the services of an estate automobile. The folks left overall used saloons for their transportation needs.

But times have changed, and now the decision you make depends on your lifestyle. Instead of being exclusively for farmers, four-wheel drives are now for anyone and everyone in the form of SUVs. On the other hand, the saloon and coupe-style have been genetically spliced with one another to create something for a wider range of motorists.

So it seems that there is a much larger variety of choices. What are some simple questions you want to ask yourself in order to narrow the range down? For one, you ask yourself how much space you need. If you don’t need all that space, perhaps you shouldn’t be buying an SUV.

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Know What You Can’t Go Without

The type of car you buy will not only be influenced by how much money you have, or the distances you will be traveling each year. There are so many different things to look at besides those two considerations. A lot of parents with young children choose to buy SUVs due to the convenience afforded by the height of the vehicle. Children’s seats aren’t such a struggle to insert into the vehicle, and there is a feeling of extra safety to be had in the larger automobile.

And while we are on the subject of safety, most people would agree that the more, the better. Especially if you have a family. Airbags are the most obvious features you want in a vehicle. Then there are antilock brakes, accident avoidance systems, tire pressure monitors, and so forth. Sure, these features may cost a lot, but you can’t put a price on the safety of your family.

Some cars have a whole slew of features that come pre-installed in them. If you are partial to some satellite navigation, leather seats, and special parking sensors, buy a vehicle that already has the inside, rather than forking out extra cash to have them installed individually.

Think About Your Method of Payment

It is a given that cars are very expensive. Even cheap cars are expensive. This fact is driven home by the statistics: out of all the cars bought per year, at least three quarters are done so via financing. But there is no need to worry whether this will harm your chances of getting a deal of some sort. Car dealers love to sell vehicles to people with some sort of financing being involved, and will not hesitate to include a discount.

This is where you do need to be aware of certain things, such as the overall amount of money the car costs. Don’t hone your attention exclusively on how much the monthly payments are, as this can be misleading. Especially in the case of optional extras. The actual amount you are paying can be lost among the trees, causing you to actually lose money in the long run. Remember that you will be selling the car one day.

Are there other things that need to be watched? You bet there is! Finance deals often come to a final settlement amount that is regularly referred to by the auto trader as a “balloon payment.” Why is this name used to describe it? It probably has something to do with the fact that exceeds the figure that represents the monthly payments by quite a lot.

Maybe the package you have signed your name onto has a balloon payment included. That car won’t be yours technically speaking until the balloon payment has been forked over. For this reason, you need to be okay with having to make this payment. Especially if you are planning on holding onto the car once the deal is finished instead of having it traded-in.

Look at what the Costs of Running the Car are

Perhaps the monthly repayments on the car that has caught your eye seem to be very low. If the vehicle in question happens to be a more upmarket variation, this can make buying it very tempting. But don’t lose sight of the fact that there are other costs besides the monthlies. You will be spending money on actually running the thing. Petrol or Diesel isn’t free. Neither is electricity.

It isn’t just the cost of the energy source that you are paying. There is also the road tax figure that needs to be sorted out. Often the road price for your car has this included within it. It often comes to $140 for automobiles that are not of the electric or hydrogen-powered varieties. Hybrids get a ten-dollar discount as well. This tax figure will be different if you have an older vehicle. The date of the 1st of April ’17 is used to sort out which cars are under this taxing system. Cars registered before then are a different story entirely.

We have already looked at the fuel economy in the section talking about the different fuel types. But don’t forget that this is a cost that needs to be considered.

Test Driving Different Cars That Interest You

Make a list of the cars for sale that you like, and find a way to narrow it down to a few different automobile models. You might want to read some used car reviews in order to do this. Once you have completed that task, you can now make plans to go out and test drive them. This is often considered to be the most fun part of deciding on which vehicle you want to purchase.

Perhaps you know the exact specs you want on your car, including the type of engine it has. When you test drive a car, do so in a model that is as close to these considerations as you can get them to be. Minor differences have a habit of affecting the driving experience quite a lot. Do you have a spouse and children? If you can take them along with you for the drive, they can have input into the process as well. It will also be illuminating as far as interior space considerations go.

Don’t just drive along on one type of road either. You won’t get much of a taste of how the car handles on all the different kinds of roads out there. You need to try the more twisty roads out, as well as the dual carriageways. If you can get usage of the car on a weekend of borrowed time, it would be a huge advantage.

Bring your Best Negotiating Skills

Haggling is a learned skill and requires a certain amount of confidence. Car dealers, including used car dealers, can see whether you are good at it or no. They can smell blood and will take full advantage. This is when it is good to bring someone along who can provide support, or do it all for you.

You will also be at an advantage if you shop around, and let the salesman know this. Whether you are looking for the most reliable or most popular car in NZ, It can be used as leverage if they know that you are aware of all the different deals out there. Be aware of the fact that the more popular a vehicle is, the less likely you are to get a nice discount.

Sure, it may be a complicated task, buying a new car. But it doesn’t have to be a chore. Be aware of all the details noted above, and stay positive. You are bound to get the best results at the end of the day!